lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2007

Algunas utilidades de LinkedIn


Hace un tiempo escribí acerca de un grupo de IC que estaba haciendo en Linkedin.

Una amiga de la casa (Ellen Naylor) escribió acerca de algunos usos de Linkedin que pueden hacer los profesionales de IC. Me limito a copiar lo que ella escribió en su newsletter Nr 4.

When conducting research or competitive intelligence (CI), it is advantageous to have a large, broad network to connect with more people. So I will focus on LinkedIn, one of the largest B to B socialnetworks with 16 million users as of Nov. 2007. (For a link to manysocial networks, go to:

Through LinkedIn contacts, you can get answers to questions that you are unable to get through your other networks since its reach is so vast. As with other sources, you need to qualify their validity sinceit is easy to be a self-appointed expert through the Internet.

There can be a downside: some strangers will ask you to join their LinkedIn Network. They might be recruiters or people who found you through an association you both belong to. You might receive cold calls from LinkedIn contacts, calling to pick your brain. However, I love LinkedIn's upside for connection and offer these ideas to help you reach out:

* As a new hire, read profiles of fellow employees as you develop your internal networks

* Read executive profiles before you meet them

* Research companies through their employees. Some profiles contain company data

* Find media contacts to interview

* Find experts, such as when you getting into a new market

* Connect with ex-employees of competitors

* Connect with recruiters who specialize in your industry

* Gain customer intelligence for Sales

* Do background checks on industry or equity consultants to gauge their credibility

* Re-connect with colleagues you worked with previously

* Become informed when contacts change jobs

* Find out a college friend works for a competitor or is an industry expert

The ways to connect through LinkedIn are as numerous as your imagination. Remember, it is easy to reach someone on-line, but it is much harder to develop a relationship. To encourage a relationship, follow-up on the phone or set up a meeting to solidify a connection.
Happy Connecting and Happy Holidays!

Ellen Naylor, CEO of The Business Intelligence Source (TBIS), has been a CI practitioner and marketing consultant for over 20 years. TBIS improves your marketing prowess by coaching you through Sales and Customer Intelligence, CI process development, and results-driven workshops. Our signature practice, Cooperative Intelligence, helps you build the right people skills to run a dynamic marketing operation through leading, connecting and communicating. Ellen lives at 9,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains with her husband, Rodgers the Artist and Cocoa the Cat.

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Tengo que agregar que además LinkedIn en su versión básica es gratis.



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