miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2008

Haz un Benchmarking de tu departamento de IC


Un amigo mío (Alessandro Comai) está en un proyecto de benchmarking de departamentos de IC que creo puede ser útil para los lectores del blog. Este proyecto permite comparar al propio departamento con el modelo de Alessandro y John de departamentos de clase mundial en nueve dimensiones. De acuerdo a los rankings obtenidos luego podrás ver lo que te falta y además obtener el reporte de las normas como para hacer más fácil el camino hacia una performance de clase mundial.

Un resumen del proyecto y la solicitud de ingreso al mismo lo paso más abajo:

Benchmarking with the World-Class Competitive Intelligence Model!

Do the managers that fund your competitive intelligence (CI) function ask how your company’s CI function stacks up against world class standards? Providing fact-based evidence of how your CI function compares to world-class standards has several benefits. First, you can evaluate your CI function across nine (9) dimensions that define world class standards. Second, you can isolate aspects within each dimension that can be targeted for improvement. Finally, you can develop an action plan to enhance your CI capability that maximizes your investment by applying project management tools in a cost effective manner.

Since 2003, a team of two CI experts, Alessandro Comai and Dr. John Prescott (http://www.business.pitt.edu/faculty/prescott.html) have been working on a research project to build a model that crystallizes the key aspect of a world-class CI function. The model is based on multi-methods employing both qualitative and quantitative research with several US and European firms known for their CI best practices. Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Industrial and Insurance companies successfully utilized the model.

One of the outcomes of our model is a diagnostic tool which provides a set of norms to evaluate the extent that your CI function is similar to and different from other organizations. Our norms are based on the profiles of more than 120 organizations from the USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Latin America.

We are seeking your assistance to complete our questionnaire so we can further develop our norms to enhance the validity of our model. Your participation is very important. As a token of our appreciation, you will have free access to the tool and get receive our current norm report.

If you are interested in benchmarking your CI function please follow the link:



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